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    APU Soccer and GYS

    Hello Everyone,

    GYS has a partnership with the APU soccer staff this year and likely going forward

    As part of this arrangement, GYS players wearing their jerseys get into APU soccer home games for free and their parents get in for $3 instead of the normal $8

    APU has 3 more home games this season

    Oct. 20 7:30pm

    Oct. 29 7:30pm

    Nov. 3   7pm

    As an additional benefit, if your whole team wants to go to the game tonight or Oct 29, there is an oportunity to walk out on the field at the start of the game with the APU players

    If you are interested in this, please have your coach contact me through the GYS website


    Best Regards,


    Ian Stewart

    GYS B11-12 Director

    GYS Pledge

    5 6 7 Year Pledge

    I will listen to my coach,

    I will follow the rules,

    I will have fun.



    We are GYS Soccer Players.

    We will respect our team, our opponents and officials at all times,

    We will play fair and work hard

    And win or lose, we will always do our best.

    Game Day Etiquette

    COACHES: Head and Assistant

    1. GYS allows limited, positive coaching from a restricted “Technical Area” = 10 yards on either side of the midline of the field, noted below as the “COACH ZONE”. 
    2. Coaches may be on either side of the field (only 1 coach per team on each side - maximum 2 coaches on the sidelines at any time during the game). This means that opposing coaches will be side by side on the sidelines.
    3. Crowd control is the responsibility of the COACH, inability to maintain crowd control may result in a yellow or red card to the coach, with potential forfeiture of the game.


    • Spectators must be 3 ft behind the sidelines at all times. 
    • NO ONE is allowed behind the goal or goal line. 
    • NO PETS on the field or sidelines.
    • All fields in Glendora are ALCOHOL, DRUG, and TOBACCO FREE.

    *The referee must prohibit coaching from the sidelines by anyone other than the designated coach and/or assistant coach. Referees must not allow coaches or spectators to interfere with the game. The game is for the players alone. Parents “coaching down the sidelines” are prohibited. Coaches, parents or spectators can be ejected by a referee. 


    Reminder: As stated during registration, GYS is willing to grant refunds if they are requested prior to August 1. Actual text from registration below. 

    We understand situations arise that cause a player to need to cancel their registration. GYS is willing to refund the cost of registration, if in fact, the player withdraws prior to August 1st, 2018All refunds must be requested with gysrefund@gmail.comRefund requests received after August 1st, 2018, will not be granted.

    GYS 2018 Registration Info

    GYS 2018 Registration Info

    GYS Webmaster

    GYS Webmaster

    Email Questions/Concerns Here


    Registering as a COACH? Click on the image above to get started!

    Once you've registered as a coach, please return to the "Coaches" tab and complete the items in the "Coaches Checklist".

    Lost and Found

    Please contact your division director if you've lost or found an item.

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    Tips For the Heat

    Although the Air Quality may remain acceptable, during days of excessive heat, it is advisable to restrict activities and increase hydration. All coaches, parents and players are recommended to use their best judgement during excessive heat. Parents always have the right to limit, restrict or exclude their child from practice and/or games. During games please prepare early - begin hydrating the morning of, or even the day before the game, bring ample water to the game, and wear plenty of sunscreen. Referees may allow longer quarter and half-time breaks and allow additional substitutions as needed.