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Information for Coaches and Volunteers

GYS Coaches are Volunteers

Welcome coaches and prospective coaches of GYS!

Without you, GYS wouldn't be possible. As a volunteer run organization, our coaches come from the parents and families of our youth participants. We welcome new coaches every season and we accept all skill levels. We'll bring you up-to-speed on the basics and we'll provide helpful links and info where you can learn more about the great sport of soccer.

Coaches, to start, be sure to do these 3 things:

1)  Review our Volunteer and Coach Checklist for important information needed at the start of each season.

2)  Review our Game & Field Etiquette page for important info you need to know and enforce.

3)  All Coaches must go through the Mandated Reporter Training click Here

4)  Setup your Team Page and App by adding your practices, logo and posts to your families. 

Coaches Section

There will be a Coaches Meeting this year 

More info will be posted soon.  

Please volunteer to be a coach!! Fill out this form

To get set up as a volunteer, follow the Volunteer and Coaches Checklist.

Coach's Registration 

Injury / Incident Report Form

Please complete an injury report for all injuries or incidents. 

Upon completion, please submit to your division director.

GYS Injury Report

Thank you

9-1-1 Emergency Calls

Please be aware that 911 calls placed through cell phones are routed through the CHP and may be delayed. 

For local response and dispatch call Glendora Police Department directly at: 626/914-8250

Thank you

Soccer Practice Master Calendar

Online Practice Scheduler Link Below:





Coaches - please remember to stay within the "technical area" (COACH ZONE) during the game - you are not allowed down the full length of the field.

ONLY 2 coaches per game - regardless of how many coaches you actually have.

Inability to control your crowd/parents/spectators/self may result in forfeiture of the game.

Remind yourself and your parents - disrespecting the officials or anyone on or off the field will not be tolerated.

Player Rating Card

ALL coaches must rate their players using the player rating card.

Your Division Director will be meeting with you and all the coaches within your division so that you can all, collectively, rate your players as accurately as possible. If you have not heard from your division director, please contact him/her to be included in the ratings meeting.

Thank you!